And so it goes (2014)

Oren Little has turned his back on all his neighbors and shunned the notion of being kind to others after the death of his wife. Next door neighbor Leah has put her soul, and her tears, into her stagnant singing career after the death of her husband. But then Oren's son shows up needing Oren to take care of his daughter Sarah. Oren has no patience for children, Leah never had any of her own, but 9-year-old Sarah just might be the spark that allows these two lonely souls to turn their home into a Little Shangri-La. - synopsis from IMDB

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comedy, drama

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Directed by Rob Reiner.

Rated 5.8 on IMDB from 9757 votes.

Runtime: 94 min.

Seen: 13 Jun 2015

And so it goes

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