Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

During the Cold War, Soviet agents watch Professor Henry Jones when a young man brings him a coded message from an aged, demented colleague, Harold Oxley. Led by the brilliant Irina Spalko, the Soviets tail Jones and the young man, Mutt, to Peru. With Oxley's code, they find a legendary skull made of a single piece of quartz. If Jones can deliver the skull to its rightful place, all may be well; but if Irina takes it to its origin, she'll gain powers that could endanger the West. Aging professor and young buck join forces with a woman from Jones' past to face the dangers of the jungle, Russia, and the supernatural. - synopsis from IMDB

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action, fantasy

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Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Rated 6.2 on IMDB from 349595 votes.

Runtime: 122 min.


The latest release in the Indiana Jones series may not exactly be riveting, but it’s entertaining. Somehow, the formula works just fine and having recently seen the previous films the new one fits in just fine. At the same time, that’s a great classification for the whole movie: just fine. The acting’s OK, the action is good, the effects are well done and the story will do as well. For me though, nothing really tipped the balance. It’s part 4, meaning the 4th part of the same old same.

Seen: 23 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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