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This is my personal website. You might be wondering why it has a crazy name like this. Let's just say it's a long story.

I like to make stuff. If you want to have a look at some of that stuff, this is a good page to get started. You can contact me using the resources below.

Stuff I like

If you're interested in the same kind of things I enjoy, these will be right up your alley:

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Yep, this site uses cookies. More specifically, it uses Google Analytics to figure out which pages are looked at most. Otherwise, I'm completely uninterested in tracking you. I have better things to do :)


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How I put this together is really of no importance. But for some reason geeks like to read about such things. Cobbled together using a bunch of OSS stuff: Jekyll, Angular, Bootstrap and jQuery. Tools used: Sublime Text, Maven, Git and Eclipse. Really, where would we be without all of these awesome communities producing excellent software?

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